In order to get to the top there’s always pain that you go through but at the end you will succeed to exceed your goals. I always had a vision of making a clothing brand because I’m into fashion but i was always just lazy. I was tired of using that excuse when I could’ve been making bread off doing something I love. Pain IV Reign came to my head in August of 2022, so I bought a IPad and started designing. I’ve watched many video and podcasts, asked close ones in this field, made plenty of mockups, many designs, and ordered samples. Whats different about me and these other brands is that i have experienced my slogan and it  having a true meaning behind in which I’m sure others can relate too. In 2020 i made a hoodie “SaucyBoyz” and that inspired me to start making clothing. I never took it seriously until now and I don’t regret anything because there is a time for everything and i declare that this is my time.